LOBBY представляет дебютный выставочный проект Дмитрия Гусара Paradise Lost в рамках программы поддержки молодых художников #LOBBYbelieve.
Продолжая программу поддержки молодых художников #LOBBYbelieve, 8 июня LOBBY представит новый выставочный проект Оли Австрейх Lights Out.
In continuation of our off-site guest programme, on April 12 LOBBY will present a pop-up exhibition entitled “Faces” - a project curated jointly with ULM Gallery. “Faces” will bring together works of contemporary artists and representatives of Soviet nonconformism.
On February 10th, LOBBY and ArtIssue (a platform created for connecting contemporary artists and amateur collectors) will present their joint project - the exhibition RITUALS.
On November 11, LOBBY will be hosting an opening of the personal exhibition of Masha Egorova, an artist of the Ob’edinenie online gallery. The show will feature a series of ceramic objects – vases, flat dishes and tactile shapes.
On September 10, LOBBY will inaugurate the PRESENT SIMPLE exhibition. Following up on the last year’s experience, LOBBY is relaunching the off-site group project initiative under the framework of the COSMOSCOW art fair. This year, the exhibition will unite the works of artists that address the issue of PRESENT SIMPLE.
The solo exhibition of the Cheltsovi sisters "Boulevard Sophie Varennes" will take place in LOBBY from June 9 to August 31. Artists Varya and Sonya will present a summer series of painted ceramic vases and porcelain plates, as part of the #LOBBYBelieve changing exhibitions initiative.
Shuzbekistan by Olga Shurygina is the first full-scale solo exhibition of the Russian emerging artist. The project inaugurates a series of changing exhibitions as part of the LOBBY team's initiative to support young talents called #LOBBYBelieve.
In Saraï Delfendahl’s work everything is alive, inhabited, human and animal. An expressionist naïvety emerges from her world of terrestrial creatures. The underlying crude art nevertheless seems to be policed by the varnishes of ceramics. The unconscious gushes into a jubilant energy: that of creation but also of the creator, assembled in a vital impulse. Like a demiurge, Saraï Delfendahl creates a poetic world where the spectator hesitates to recognize a forgotten kinship, an ancient and contemporary fable.
On September 10 LOBBY will be presenting Back to The Roots – its debut exhibition which brings together artworks from the galleries that will be participating in the Cosmoscow fair. Back to the Roots is more than just an art project – it is a response to the new social and cultural challenges – a request to slow down, go away from the bustle of the city and return to one’s roots.