Juergen Teller: Plumtree Court

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The iconoclastic fashion photographer broaches new terrain: architecture. This book traces the five-year construction of Plumtree Court, Goldman Sachs’ new headquarters in Central London, through Juergen Teller’s (born 1964) inimitable vision. Teller relished immersing himself in such a long-term project, one thrillingly different to the fashion world he knows so well. From the rising walls of reinforced concrete and lattices of scaffolding, to the sparkling glass facades and gleaming interiors of the finished building, Teller became obsessed with recording intricate details within the larger shifting context: “I liked the diggers, cranes, cables, concrete and dirt. Not in a macho or childish way, but appreciating how all this construction work produces such a beautiful mess.” His juxtaposition of final photos and collages throughout the book―seen here for the first time in his work―embodies the contrasts between past and present, order and chaos, architectural forms and the surrounding cityscape.

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