Набор чайных пар "Шузбекистан"

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Edition: unlimited The set includes: 2 tea cups and 2 saucers Please note that we require 3 business days to process your order. If an order is placed on a weekend, we will start processing it on the following business day. Especially for the exhibition, Olga Shurygina and the LOBBY team have collaborated with the Dulev Porcelain Factory to create a china tea-set collection decorated with images of characters from the book of fairy-tales. By blurring the lines between the real and the illusory, the archaic and the modern, alongside establishing a dialogue between traditional Russian craftsmanship and oriental folk motifs, the characters of the tales bring the viewer into a colorful land – the whimsical Shuzbekistan. #LOBBYBelieve is a program to support art initiatives that was launched by the LOBBY team in spring 2021. By drawing attention to the work of promising and relevant emerging artists, LOBBY assists them in the realization of their non-commercial projects. In the case of Olga Shurygina, LOBBY is preparing the publication of her own book of fairy-tales, which will be the highlight of the exhibition. A part of the edition will be donated to young girls living in remote parts of Uzbekistan, where children do not have the opportunity to attend art, theater and music schools because of the lack of necessary social infrastructure.

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