Cheltsoviii (ПОЛНОЛУНИЕ У ОКИ)

54 000 RUB

32х32 сm Porcelain, glaze After purchasing the work, you will be given the original certificate of authenticity confirming your ownership. Delivery of the work will be organized by LOBBY at the end of the exhibition "Boulevard Sophie Varennes", August 2, 2021. The exhibition "Boulevard Sophie Varennes", a joint curatorial project of LOBBY and the collector and art adviser Olga Vashchilina, - invites the viewer to walk along an imaginary French street in the universe of the Cheltsov sisters. Inspired by the French painting of the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the artists created original asymmetrical objects: vases, dishes and plates that entice with their curves and playful lines, in delicately pastel or in deliberately garish dark hues. The whimsical, hand sculpted and painted ceramics convey the lightness, brightness, windiness of a summer filled with tenderness, sweetness, playful dancing and carefree. Bulky stately vases are next to precarious "floating", which seem as if about to lose their balance - a kind of «fun on the verge of madness.» Cheltsoviii is a collaborative art project between the two Cheltsov sisters: Varvara, an artist, and Sofia, a ceramist. Emerged in 2019 in their family country house in Tarusa. Sofia Cheltsova (b. 1995) took a sculpture class at the Vatagin School, ceramic workshops at the Hague Academy of Art - KABK, and at Gazworks Studio in Brooklyn. Varvara Cheltsova (b. 1996) is a graduate of Trofimov's studio at the Institute of Business and Design in Moscow and Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam.

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