The Lobby team is a strategic partner of the Carre Blanc residences. Designed by the master of architecture Sergei Tchoban in the very heart of the Moscow museum mile capital on the Prechistenskaya embankment, Carre Blanc overlooks the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, the Moskva River and the currently built VAC Foundation. 

Art-advising, personalised art market trend analytics, full transaction support, artworks cataloguing, tailored art programs for travelling and other LOBBY services will be available to Carre Blanc residents on special terms. 

Together with the expert advisory board LOBBY will be curating the residential library and artwork collection of Carre Blanc.

Our mission is to revive the traditions of intellectual salons which were popular in the XX-century Prechistenskaya mansions and to establish a private art club for the residents of Carre Blanc – the dream real estate of an art collector. 

— Kristina Etumyan, LOBBY Founder