LOBBY Concierge Plans

We have developed two types of concierge plans – a six-month kit and year kit – for those art collectors who require regular support from the LOBBY team. Both kits include the services of a personal art concierge who will be your private guide in the art world. You will also have unlimited access to such services as art advisory, art-travel programs and recommendations for your trips and collector’s cabinet on LOBBY app and web. The number of available plans is limited as each concierge can simultaneously assist a maximum of only five clients.

«The transparency that underlines the relationship between an advisor and a client, forward-looking strategic vision, absence of restrictions on the selection of artists and holistic approach relate to my way of thinking. I am hopeful that our services and the space itself will inspire our clients and convert them to faith in art»,

— Sofya Karpovskaya.

LOBBY concierge is your personal art assistant.
We provide a personalised approach and exclusive solutions for each client.
We adhere to the principle of financial transparency and do not charge agent commissions against the price of the acquired works of art.
We strive for the highest standards of ethical business conduct and cherish your privacy.
We value our professional reputation and make sure we cooperate only with established experts in the field of art and collectible design.

LOBBY Concierge plans and services
comparison chart:

LOBBY Concierge plans and services
comparison chart:
six-month plan
year plan
12 visits
24 visits

Wednesday - is a special day, when LOBBY team prepares something special for our guests. The leading experts will host 1.5 hour lectures at the LOBBY's library. A limited number of listeners (eight persons) will allow you to enjoy the lecture in a comfortable and private atmosphere. 

Personal Art-Concierge
6 months
12 months

Your personal collection manager will conduct regular work focused on cooperation with museums, galleries and foundations. Acting simultaneously as a manager, art director, art advisor and PR, he will develop a strategy for promoting the collection, prepare the exhibition and assemble a team of experts to publish the catalogue.

Art-travel programs and recommendations for your trips

LOBBY concierges will prepare a list of individual recommendations for your leisure time in the coming trip. We will develop an art program based on your tastes and wishes, book the tickets in advance and make sure that you are paid special attention in galleries, register you as a VIP guest at Art Fairs and provide you with an expert guide or art surveyor upon request.

The cost is indicated for a three-day itinerary. 
Guided tours and entrance tickets are not included.

Nisso Yakshimuradova
Art Concierge, LOBBY ideologist

Art advisory

Upon your request, after analyzing auctions, fairs, galleries and artist's studios, your personal art concierge will compile a detailed digital illustrated report with recommendations for available pieces to complete your collection. LOBBY’s mission is to collect outstanding collections for its customers. We do not charge a commission on sales. In addition to detailed descriptions of the pieces and direct contacts of the artists' agents and auction house representatives, we will provide you with the results of an analysis of public sales history for the artists of your choice in order to assess the profitability or investment attractiveness of the purchase.

Sofya Karpovskaya
Art Adiser, LOBBY co-founder

Administration of the transaction in the acquisition of art

LOBBY will take over the entire cycle of administrative work related to the acquisition and transfer of the piece, as well as document management. If you need help installing the piece, LOBBY's concierges will not only provide advice on the location, lighting, and framing, but also ensure that the work is carried out by professionals.

Daria Rozhkova
Art Concierge

Artwork Cataloguing

We will compile a comprehensive catalogue including detailed description of the piece, market analysis at the time of purchase, research text about the piece, photos and an archive of all original documents for subsequent confirmation of provenance (scans of invoices, payment confirmations, certificates of authenticity, expertise papers from the Ministry of Culture, etc.). 

After the official launch of LOBBY, your personal art concierge will also duplicate this information in its entirety to the online version of the archive, which can be accessed via your personal page in the app and on the LOBBY website. 

Curatorial equipment of a personal art library

We will collect, order and organise the delivery of an exclusive selection of 200 books that will become the basis of your art library. The bibliography is based on the client's task and takes their personal preferences into account.

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