LOBBY x Olga Shurygina

LOBBY x Ольга Шурыгина

From March 19 to May 30 LOBBY hosts Olga Shurygina's solo exhibition SHUZBEKISTAN. This first full-scale solo project for the artist opens a series of changing exhibitions as part of the LOBBY team's initiative to support young artists called #LOBBYBelieve.

Shuzbekistan is a fairy-tale world, a journey through time, a dance of images and forms, a whirlpool of the artist's favourite themes, intertwined in a pattern of her work's highlights: family ties, crafts, traditions, the role of women in the modern world, and the search for oneself. An echo of wanderings, a reminiscence of the times before the quarantine, a reflection of mirages, dreams and fantasies that she managed to retain in her memory have been translated into a series of new graphic works created by Olga Shurygina while preparing the publication of her own fairy-tale book together with the LOBBY team.

If Olga's first home exhibition was created immediately after a trip to her grandmother and consisted of the so-called souvenirs from a fictional land, this time the universe of Shuzbekistan underwent a transformation, the real world turned into an ephemeral realm woven of misty silhouettes and imaginary symbols, where an ode to a woman, her labour, a combination of softness and strength, warmth and rigour was born. This is what we see in the new "gifts" from Shuzbekistan, in which mysterious visions from dreams are combined with images of flower prints taken from the original fabrics that Olga's grandmother created at a weaving factory in Margilan, where she worked as chief artist almost all her adult life.

Olga's dreams of colourful shawls, vivid traditional dresses, fields flooded with sunlight resulted in the creation of an eponymous book of fairy-tales that uncovers the veil of mystery of her imaginary country. The main characters of the book are girls, young ladies, women from the mythical world of the artist — this is why in the heart of the exhibition, facing the South-East, the viewer will find a painting showcasing a sleeping baby. Wrapped in a wall mural, as if protecting her sleep, the central artwork is located in the sacred corner of the Shuzbekistan universe.

Especially for the exhibition, Olga Shurygina and the LOBBY team have collaborated with the Dulevo Porcelain Factory to create a china tea-set collection decorated with images of characters from the artist's book of fairy-tales. By blurring the lines between the real and the illusory, the archaic and the modern, alongside establishing a dialogue between traditional Russian craftsmanship and oriental folk motifs, the characters of the tales bring the viewer into a colourful land - the whimsical Shuzbekistan.

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Olga Shurygina

Artist, creator of objects, installations, photographic and multimedia art projects. Born in Mytishchi in 1987. Lives and works in Russia and Uzbekistan. Graduated from School No. 1188 with an in-depth study of fine arts (Moscow), where she mastered academic drawing, painting, painting en plein air. In 2007–2013 studied fashion design at the Moscow Institute of Art and Industry. Participant of solo and group exhibitions, among which the VII Moscow International Biennale of Young Art (Moscow, Russia, 2020), the Blazar Art Fair (Moscow, Russia, 2020), PLACE (ddmm) (Moscow, Russia, 2019), Mirazh (land-art installation, Muinak, Uzbekistan, 2019), Shuzbekistan (home exhibition, Moscow, Russia, 2018), Cosmoscow (The.Dot.Home Gallery, Moscow, Russia, 2018).

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