LOBBY x Cosmoscow 2020

LOBBY x Cosmoscow 2020

On September 10 LOBBY will be presenting Back to The Roots – its debut exhibition which brings together artworks from the galleries that will be participating in the Cosmoscow fair. Back to the Roots is more than just an art project – it is a response to the new social and cultural challenges – a request to slow down, go away from the bustle of the city and return to one’s roots. LOBBY will be showcasing the works of artists who create or used to created relevant art using traditional media, materials and images, while contrasting them to the dominance of technological advances, such as Anna Titova (Artwin), Evgeny Chubarov (Art4.ru), Boris Markovnikov, Marina Kastalskaya (Agency.art.ru), Dunya Zakharova, Elena Popova (Osnova), Fabian Knecht (Szena), Léon Zack, Igor Shelkovsky (Alina Pinsky Gallery), Denis Prasolov (PA Gallery), Anatoly Komelin (Fabula), Linda Carrara (Iragui), Levan Mindiashvili (Window Project), Anastasia Potemkina (AnnaNova) and Ustina Yakovleva (AnnaNova, Orekhov Gallery).

Back to The Roots is an attempt not only to slow down time, but also to turn it back – to conduct a ritual that fosters the establishment of human connections with their inner world, their own origins and wild flora. The exposition unfolds like a mosaic, where the general meaning becomes clear only with the right combination of all the elements. A person appears as a part of the natural landscape along with the trees and mosses that flow from space to space following the movement of the viewer.

The selected works are executed in earth tones – iridescing from the color of a seashell to grass green and terracotta brown, they represent the entire range of primitive, pure, unrefined palette mixed by nature itself. All the artworks are united by one goal – to create a bridge between a man and the elements, to fix the cracks formed between the past and the present. Thus, the ascetic "Adam" and "Eve" sculptures by Anatoly Komelin, that connect "the edges of the gap between the soul and the body", are adjacent to Artem Filatov's concrete and old wood "Butterfly", generally used as a key that prevents rifts from widening out, and intended to emphasise the fragility of such connecting elements.

All featured artists work with traditional techniques in their own way, attributing primary role to nature and ceding control to it. The exhibition is the result of rethinking the irreversible processes of our life and changing a person's perception of oneself and the world around him, realising the value of contemplation and the comfort of being alone.

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