LOBBY x Cosmoscow 2021

September 10 – October 31, 2021

On September 10, LOBBY will inaugurate the PRESENT SIMPLE exhibition. Following up on the last year’s experience, LOBBY is relaunching the off-site group project initiative under the framework of the COSMOSCOW art fair. This year, the exhibition will unite the works of artists that address the issue of PRESENT SIMPLE.

"Recently we have witnessed widespread calls to slow down, practice meditative techniques, appreciate the moment and live consciously, and we notice how these concepts are reflected in art. Through the medium of the featured artworks, we intend to focus on the Present Simple (Indefinite) tense and the linguistic dualism of "PRESENT" and its gift-like nature." – Sofya Karpovskaya, LOBBY Founder.

Through the medium of their works, the artists participating in the project address the concept of time, its movement through space and boundaries, human interaction with nature, collective memory. By exploring these topics, they urge the viewer to engage in reflection and dialogue. Thus, the title artwork of the exhibition, Crossroads, documents the summer project of Grigory Orekhov (Orekhov Gallery), who created an installation that mimics the shape of road markings on the river between the endless fields of the Uspenskoye village and Nikolina Gora.  In a metaphorical sense, the artwork brings up many issues of social, ethical and environmental nature. But the main purpose is to draw attention to the problems of heritage preservation and to remind us of the possibility to choose certain solutions — of the very gift of the current time, the PRESENT SIMPLE. "The symbolic meaning of the crossroads is connected with choice and fate. It is a place where space and time are intertwined," says the artist.

The exhibition will feature artworks from the following galleries: Szena (Akhmat Bikanov, Evgeny Dedov), XL Gallery (Ilya Dolgov), Orekhov Gallery (Grigory Orekhov), Artwin (RADYA, Evgeny Antufiev), Osnova (Andrey Pokrovskiy), Lazy Mike (Alexander Kutovoy, Paruyr Davtyan, Daniel Lergon), Fabula (Misha Goodwin) and many others.

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