Candles by Alisa Shavrova & Dmitriy Gusar

"I create shape, and Dmitry makes it live," – Alisa Shavrova.

Alisa Shavrova was born in St. Petersburg. Most of her life she successfully combines making music with modelling. In recent years, she's been passionate about pottery design. Touchability, plasticity, balance of volume and shape are characteristic of all her artworks. 

Dmitry Gusar is also St. Petersburg-born. In his hometown everyone knows him as a street artist. Dmitry draws on lamp posts with marker pens, spray-paints walls and ceilings in bars and presents his canvases solely to his close friends. 

Distinctive patterns of St. Petersburg-born artist, Dmitriy Gusar, now portrayed on refined ceramic candleholders by Alisa Shavrova and filled with soothing aroma-infused soy wax by Patissoncha are now exclusively available for purchase to the LOBBY customers.

Each candle is unique and has its own exotic scent. When finished, empty candleholders can be returned to LOBBY for refill with perfumed wax.