Especially for the exhibition, Olga Shurygina and the LOBBY team have collaborated with the Dulev Porcelain Factory to create a china tea-set collection decorated with images of characters from the book of fairy-tales. By blurring the lines between the real and the illusory, the archaic and the modern, alongside establishing a dialogue between traditional Russian craftsmanship and oriental folk motifs, the characters of the tales bring the viewer into a colorful land – the whimsical Shuzbekistan.
We are glad to announce that Shuzbekistan fruit bowl from the eponymous china tea-set collection created by the LOBBY team in collaboration with the Dulev Porcelain Factory especially for the exhibition of Olga Shurygina, and decorated with images of characters from her book of fairy-tales, is back in stock and available for purchase in our store.
In anticipation of our first #CULTOUR to Uzbekistan, the LOBBY team has hand-picked a selection of books on Islamic art and architecture. Our ideas will come in handy for both those who are getting everything ready for their departure and those who for some reason won't be able to join us this time, but wish to keep track of our path through the pages of these spectacular volumes.
Our this week's highlight and key to the carved gates of the East is Living in Asia by Taschen. This magnificent volume gives the readers a glimpse of Asia's most hidden and spiritual places – Tibetan monasteries, Sri Lankan plantations, Cambodian temples and Indian palaces. Inhale the herbal vibrancy of local greenery, touch the sparkling water surface covered with lotus flowers and immerse into the sapphire shades of the Orient with us.
LOBBY Exclusive: soy wax candles by artists Dmitriy Gusar and Alisa Shavrova created in collaboration with Patissoncha perfume laboratory.
Have your in-house library collection developed by LOBBY: our concierges will compile a personal reading list, order the books and supervise their delivery.
LOBBY curated collection of recommended books
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