LOBBY x ArtIssue

LOBBBY x Art Issue

On February 10th, LOBBY and ArtIssue (a platform created for connecting contemporary artists and amateur collectors) will present their joint project - the exhibition RITUALS.

Continuing the program of guest off-site exhibitions in the the concierge space, where Szena, Fabula, Obdn galleries and the Cosmoscow contemporary Art fair have previously participated, we hope not only to make contemporary art accessible to collectors, but also to develop international cooperation of art institutions, proving that art can bring people together despite any obstacles.

The exhibition brings together artists, who explore ritual practices and their impact on the formation of our culture and everyday life. Considering rituals in all the variety of their manifestations, the authors recreate a multifaceted and voluminous picture of the world, intertwined with traditions and rituals, from church sacraments or secular holidays to childrens’ games in the yard familiar to everyone from their youth.

Artist Nina Sayenko was born in 1944 in Borzna, Chernihiv region, Ukraine. She is an Honored Art Worker of Ukraine and a Recipient of the Order of Princess Olga. She works with a ritual worldview, combining formal experiments with a unique tradition of folk art, handed down to her by her father. Combining in her works a variety of bright color schemes and strict composition with rhythmized ornamentation, she reproduces the repetitiveness and ceremonial of folk life in the form of her art. She participated in art exhibitions in: Australia, Canada, USA, France, Germany, Belgium, Greece, China, Poland, Russia.

 Artist Nelly Isupova was born in 1939 in Stavropol, Russia. She graduated from the Odessa Art College named after Grekov, Faculty of Ceramics. Nelly lives and works in Kiev, Ukraine. She also explores the poetics of folk art. Creating her ceramic sculptures of animals, plants, characters of fairy tales and legends, she resorts to the language of simple and mundane forms, in which visual accuracy gave way to plastic expressiveness and symbolic power of the object.

 Timur Postovoy is a Ukrainian artist, born in 1988 in Dnipro. Timur addresses the ritual nature of our present, exploring the mythologized images of modernity, and their embeddedness in the cultural codes of men. His works are poetic manifestos in which the author seeks to share and enter into a dialogue with the viewer using a system of recognizable symbols and images. In 2021 Timur moved from Kiev to Paris. He participated in various exhibitions in such galleries as: The Naked Room Gallery – The Function (Kiev, Ukraine, 2019), Bursa gallery –Buffantgerde (Kiev, Ukraine, 2018), “Let Us In” Group Exhibition (Paris, France, 2019).

 The beauty and irony of everyday life, made of ritual practices, becomes the main theme of the works of Olya Sabko (1900), an artist coming originally from Kiev. Olga studied at the Kiev Polygraphic Institute and later graduated from the Higher National School of Fine Arts in Paris. Her project "Glasses", which is a series of clay glasses on thick massive legs, becomes a dedication to this unique object that fills our lives with small rituals, whether it's a morning shot “glass" of espresso or a festive glass of vodka.

 Olga Sabko is a laureate of the XX International Biennale of Engravings named after Sarcelles. The artist participated in the following group exhibitions in France: "Solitude Urbaine" exhibition with M. Zavalnyi, Château d'asnières, Asnières-sur-Seine (2020), "Beatus" group exhibition, Pouche Manifesto, (2021).

 Ritual actions not only shape our everyday lives, but also take a person beyond their habitual experience. The space of exalted feelings, typical for a dream or a mystical experience, reveals itself on the large-scale canvases of Taras Sereda

A primitivistic style of Ivan Grabko's works appeals to not only the language of the avant-garde, but also returns the viewer to the world of their childhood full of new discoveries and impressions.


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