David Hockney. A Bigger Book (signed)

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TASCHEN’s first ever SUMO publication for a painter, A Bigger Book is a majestic visual survey of David Hockney’s art. In it, Hockney takes stock of more than 60 years of work, from his teenage days at art school up to his recent extensive series of portraits, iPad drawings, and Yorkshire landscapes. Never before has Hockney’s oeuvre been published in such scope, with such investment from the artist, and on such an astonishing, immersive scale. Collector's Edition (No. 1,001–10,000), each signed by David Hockney and with a Marc Newson bookstand Be it a Yorkshire landscape, a still-life with flowers, or a shimmering Californian swimming pool, the paintings of David Hockney capture the individual and the environment with a sense of color, space, and place that has made him one of the most important British artists of the 20th century. David Hockney first emerged in 1960s London, graduating from the prestigious Royal College of Art and pioneering the British Pop art movement. He first moved top to Los Angeles in 1964, and has spent his subsequent career living and working between London, Paris, Hollywood, and Yorkshire. Alongside his unmistakable paintings, Hockney’s extensive and multimedia portfolio includes photography, photo-collages or “joiners”, opera and stage designs, and iPad drawings. Throughout, Hockney shows constant interrogation of the processes of seeing and representation, and a unique affinity with color – from the shimmering hues of the Hollywood hills, slapped in bright acrylic paint, to the autumnal tones of a Yorkshire wood grove. Hockney’s interest in image technology led him to write his own thesis A Bigger Picture - Secret Knowledge: Rediscovering the Lost Techniques of the Old Masters, which traces early usage of the camera obscura.